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How to make URL opener program!

Hey friends, glad to see you on the TechX. Here I am going to disclose an important trick which will help you to open any internet link address. And the best part - no need of any third party apps or blah blah..... If you schedule a task for it from "schedule task" app, then you will able to open a web page at a particular time. So, without wasting much time let's begin making a program to open any webpage.
I am going to explain it in two different ways by 
following two different paths.
  ==>Through batch file: The most professional way to make link opener program is........ ya.. through command prompt batch file.
To do this first of all open Notepad and write the below given code:
@echo off
For opening multiple links,
@echo off
start iexplore "http://www.youtube.com"
start iexplore "http://www.facebook.com"
start iexplore "http://www.dw.de"
Finished writing codes......... give it a suitable name and save it as .bat instead of .txt and select save as type "all files".
Now your file is ready. Open it to check its working.
Note: (1) Be cautious while writing the code: don't make 
mistakes of inverted commas, enter key, blank spaces 
otherwise you will only have failures.
(2) Save it to .bat format and select "all files" as the 
"save as type".

==>Through shortcut file: This is the most casual way to make this type of file. This process is 
recommended for beginners. Begin with creating a 
shortcut file (don’t know how to create it oh! Com’on 
man; just right click on the blank area on the desktop 
and select ‘new’ and then ‘shortcut’).
Then a shortcut creating wizard will open to assist you and will ask you to type the location of the desired item. In the textbox type your URL (for eg. Type in the text box – http://www.thapanoid.blogspot.com)
Then click next. Then it will ask for a name to this file, give it a suitable name and click finish.
Your URL opener program is ready now. 

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  1. Another copy content..... Your whole site seems to be running with copied post from Rybersoft.


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